Belarusian Duda

The Belarusian Duda has existed through centuries. It was common in the historical zone of the former Grand Duchy of Lithuania, including the regions of Minsk, Grodno, Vitebsk, in the western part of Smolensk region, and in the province of Vilno. In the ancient Belarusian tradition, the Duda is an instrument for rites.
The Duda consists of a bag, a blowpipe (soska) and a chanter (perabor) and it has one drone (gook). Both the chanter and the drone have a bell; each one curved.
The Duda is traditionally played with closed fingering. The keynote is in approximately the middle of the chanter’s scale.
At the moment an instrument in the key C (Do) is available in my workshop. But instruments in any key are made to order.
Reeds for Belarusian Duda are made from Spanish cane (Arundo Donax) and from carbon in my workshop.

To watch the video about Belarusian Duda, click on the link below:

Fingering Duda (Region of Garadok)

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