About myself:
Welcome to my site, which is all about producing bagpipes, the site of Alexandr Khudolev.
I have been making musical instruments since 2007. Besides, I practice my instruments professionally as a member of the philharmonic orchestra of Sochi in southern Russia. I’m a member of a folk group and I also work free lance.
I use the best materials for my instruments. All my instruments are made by hand and each one has its own individuality and is a part of my soul. They are all of good quality and can be used both for playing solo or with other instruments or as a part of an orchestra.
My workshop is in Sochi, southern Russia.

In my workshop you can order the following types of bagpipes:
Belarusian Duda
Swedish Sackpipa
German Medieval Bagpipe (Dudelsack / Marktsackpfeife / MA-Sack)

Also available are:
Bladder Pipe / Bagless Bagpipe
Russian Zhaleika